Anti aging clinic for men

If the doctor suspects a genetic cause of low testosterone, he or she may request a genetic test. This is a process to examine a person’s DNA. It shows whether the person is at risk of passing a genetic condition to his or her descendants. If the doctor diagnoses a tumor, inflammation, or genetic disease that is causing low testosterone, it is best to get treatment. Sometimes a specialist is needed for treatment. Hormone replacement therapy may be recommended to make up for low levels of testosterone. Read about the various Testosterone Programs available. Testosterone Programs for Men

Green veggies have huge benefits for anyone at any age—they’re packed with nutrients and cancer-fighting compounds. But for guys in their 40s, greens offer another distinct important element: lutein. The National Institutes of Health found that those who consumer the greatest amount of this carotenoid found in plant foods, are 43% less likely to experience macular degeneration (aka bad eyesight). So if you want to continue seeing clearly, add a side of spinach to your meal. Speaking of vegetables, learn about the firefighter who stays ripped on a vegetarian diet.

Anti aging clinic for men

anti aging clinic for men


anti aging clinic for menanti aging clinic for menanti aging clinic for menanti aging clinic for menanti aging clinic for men