Boldenone 200 androxen

Boldenone has a really lengthy half life and may stay within the body for months or even years. The metabolites of boldenone have been present in urine 12 months after the final injection. If you're going to enter a competition within the next few months, boldenone is the final drug it is best to inject. It's best reserved for the novice athlete who's simply beginning out and wants to build his/her body. Additional one should not anticipate engaging in sports activities for that time period. Each sporting organization has banned using the drug and it's always checked in the urine. The tests accessible can identify boldenone and its metabolites.

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Substance:  Boldenone Undecylenate
Manufacturer: British Dragon Pharmeceuticals
Pack:   10 ml 1 vial (200 mg/ml) 

Active Life:  14-16 days
Drug Class:  Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (for injection)
Average Dose:  Men 400-600 mg/week......Women 50-150 mg/week
Acne:  Rare
Water Retention:  Low
High Blood Pressure:  Rare
Liver Toxic:  No
Aromatization:  Some, about 50% less than testosterone
DHT Conversion:  Low
Decrease HPTA function:  Moderate

Boldenone 200 androxen

boldenone 200 androxen


boldenone 200 androxenboldenone 200 androxen