Boldenone 300 reviews

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This is a review for just the Dragon Pharm EQ. This was just about an 18 week cycle of equipoise, test, and a kick start with Anadrol. I was also taking the appropriate AI’s, but I will stick to the EQ review. I don’t frontload EQ since it takes so long to work so I started and finished with the same amount. I did shots on Monday Wednesday and Friday of 1 cc or 300mg for a total of 900mg a week. I was also doing about 750mg of test at 250 a shot which is the reason for the 3 days a week of pinning. I am aware it is not necessary with such long acting esters, but it does not bother me and a part of me actually enjoys it. Obviously no PIP for me.
I do not lift for a size or to max out with heavy weights, I am already big enough! The cycles I usually do are to tone and cut. One of the greatest ways I can determine how good the EQ is is by my appetite and of course vascularity. I keep meticulous notes on everything from what I eat and drink to my sleep patterns and it is hard to eat right when you are starving all the time but I just kept the end goal in sight. I am a decent size guy genetically so my problem is never getting big, but rather defining the muscles under the size. The EQ dramatically helps and I was down a few percentages in bodyfat by the end of the cycle. I’ve used several different types of EQ in the past, but the Dragon Pharma was great. I cant say it is the best I have ever used, but it definitely got the job done. I think if I has to choose between Naps Geneza and Naps Dragon Pharma, I would probably choose Geneza. I did the same cycle last year and seemed to like the Geneza better as everything else was the same. But if it was on sale, then I would probably get it again. The difference was not gigantic, and I may attribute it to other outside personal factors, . stress. But I would definitely order from Naps again.

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Boldenone 300 reviews

boldenone 300 reviews


boldenone 300 reviewsboldenone 300 reviewsboldenone 300 reviewsboldenone 300 reviewsboldenone 300 reviews