Do female produce testosterone

Imbalances in your hormones are triggered by bad food. If you eat sugar, you’ll produce more insulin, more estrogen, and more testosterone. Any type of flour and sugar can lead to these imbalances.  Dairy and gluten are often triggers for inflammation and hormonal imbalances. Xenobiotics or environmental chemicals like pesticides in our food can act like powerful hormone disruptors and trigger our own hormones to go out of balance. If you are interested to know how these toxins disrupt our hormones then read Our Stolen Future by Theo Colburn.

Wisdom Teeth: If most people just wind up having to have them surgically removed, why do humans have wisdom teeth ? The wisdom teeth are really just our third set of molars, and our ancestors relied on them to eat coarse, rough food such as leaves, roots, nuts, and meats. Now that our modern diet is softer and we have more tools at our disposal to make consuming tough food easier, the wisdom teeth aren't necessary. Instead of growing in and helping us eat, many people's wisdom teeth instead stay put within the jaw and can push up against other teeth, causing problems that warrant their removal.

Do female produce testosterone

do female produce testosterone


do female produce testosteronedo female produce testosterone