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“Exercise 7 (a) shows the athlete with the barrel held at the shoulders. This is not so easy as it may at first appear. Great action of the arms and gripping muscles is necessary and a little practice will develop them to an extraordinary extent. The difficulty lies in getting the barrel to the shoulder, therefore it is very necessary that the exercise be first practiced with a small nail keg or an empty regular-sized barrel. If you employ a regular-sized barrel you will find it easier to manipulate it if you will pull the barrel in close to the body, then back, and thus aid the upward movement by allowing the barrel to roll up the body to the shoulders, Exercise 7 (a). From this point push the barrel to arm’s length overhead as shown in Exercise 7 (b). This, in addition to developing great strength, will teach you equilibrium in lifting objects overhead as nothing else will.

Equipoise fund

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