Equipoise lise duncan

So in a nutshell: the deeper the natural skin pigmentation, the better the protection against UVB, which is the best source natural of Vitamin D, crucial for bone health (via calcium absorption as one reason). Hence, skins that are lighter, amongst populations living in areas far from the equator like Norway, for example, have remained so throughout evolution, in order to best absorb Vitamin D, while those darker skinned populations who, over time moved around the planet and ... now live in those same areas risk an astonishing D deficiency, even in summer. This also explains why that "base tan" people like to acquire if they are naturally very light is actually a safe strategy for prepping the skin (which is about to receive an on-slaught of UV rays on a sunny vacation).
My aunt, a genetic scientist who speaks five languages fluently (sadly not blood related) is the one I consult on issues like this. Her take on sun bathing and sunscreens? "We have a very effective natural sunscreen built into us, and it goes like this: when you need to get out of the sun and your body has had its share, you feel hot. You burn. So get out of the sun!" (Followed by characteristic broad smile.)
I know that isn't easy if you, say, play beach volleyball for a living or you're an outdoor labourer, but it's not a bad guide for most of us! # sunbathingnotallbad # getyourD

The Jazzercise workout program combines jazz dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga and kickboxing movements into one 60-minute total body workout. Each workout blends dance aerobics with muscle toning and stretching movements, all choreographed to today’s hottest music, including Top 40, jazz, country, funk, rock, blues and hip hop. We make all the routines fun and easy-to-follow. Every class includes a gentle warm-up, 30-minute cardio section, strength segment with weights and a stretch finale. Whether you are new to the Jazzercise exercise program and need some help learning the basics or a long-time participant looking for technique tips, you've come to the right place!

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Equipoise lise duncan

equipoise lise duncan


equipoise lise duncanequipoise lise duncan