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The most critical perspective so far comes from Adrienne LaFrance at The Atlantic , questioning the volunteer-professional hybrid collaborative concept, . that one “who is paid for doing journalistic work cannot be considered ‘equals’ with someone who is unpaid” and that it devalues the work of professionals to assume it can be done by volunteers. It’s partly a critique of the model, and partly a critique of the morality; it’s an important criticism, and one that should be taken seriously. [2] I do think these questions also have good answers, and it matters very much how the roles of each party are defined. There is a similarly important distinction to be made in managing paid vs. volunteer contributors to Wikipedia, although I suspect the best arrangement in each case are roughly opposite. A topic for exploration another time. Another cautious note was sounded by Mathew Ingram at Fortune , listing failed previous attempts to launch crowdsourced news sites. [3] , Beacon Reader, Contributoria, and Grasswire, none of which I had previously heard of.

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Equipoise stacked with test e

equipoise stacked with test e


equipoise stacked with test eequipoise stacked with test eequipoise stacked with test eequipoise stacked with test eequipoise stacked with test e