Homeopathy for low testosterone

Homeopathic medicine developed much of its popularity in the United States and Europe because of its success in treating people with cholera, scarlet fever, yellow fever and other infectious diseases that were ravaging populations. Homeopathy also provides many valuable medicines in treating people who suffer from accidents and injuries. When these medicines are used in conjunction with conventional first aid procedures, the risk of long-term damage from an injury can be significantly decreased and the healing process can be noticeably enhanced.

One of these clinics 2 has been conducting case studies that led to the publication of their treatment results. In 2008 researchers 2 at the PBH Research Foundation (PBHRF) in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, published their findings from several case reports on treatment of lung and esophageal carcinoma patients they had submitted more than a decade earlier to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Best Case Series (BCS) Program for review. The reports contained records including pathology and radiology reports for 14 patients with malignant tumors treated according to Banerji’s protocol until there was complete regression of the tumors.

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Homeopathy for low testosterone

homeopathy for low testosterone


homeopathy for low testosteronehomeopathy for low testosteronehomeopathy for low testosteronehomeopathy for low testosteronehomeopathy for low testosterone