How to stimulate testosterone naturally

Frans X. Plooij studied behavioral biology in the Netherlands in Amsterdam, Nijmegen, and Groningen, where he received his . in 1980. He is a full member of several international, scientific societies including the New York Academy of Sciences. Together they studied infant development in free-living chimpanzees with Dr. Jane Goodall in the Gombe National Park, Tanzania, East Africa. Dr. Plooij is director of the International Research-institute on Infant Studies (IRIS) at Arnhem, and president of Kiddy World Promotions .

Hetty van de Rijt studied Educational Psychology at the University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands and obtained her . in Physical Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, England. At the University of Amsterdam, Dr. van de Rijt studied the development of human babies in their home environment. As lead author with her husband as co-author, she wrote the best-selling parenting book The Wonder Weeks , which has been published in twelve languages, from the USA to Japan.

Students: improve your exam results!
We would like to tell you more about how students can improve their results by changing their eating habits before they have an exam. Fruit is the ultimate brain fuel!
You can actually improve your test results simply by changing your eating habits between waking up and doing the exam. The big trick is to consume fruit effectively. Have only fruit but as much as you want before you do your test and avoid the brain blocking foods white flour, refined white sugar, meat and dairy.

Check it out yourself once and you'll notice that you can think much more clear and faster if you have only eaten the right and light stuff before the exam. Afterwards you can have whatever you want!

How to stimulate testosterone naturally

how to stimulate testosterone naturally


how to stimulate testosterone naturallyhow to stimulate testosterone naturallyhow to stimulate testosterone naturallyhow to stimulate testosterone naturallyhow to stimulate testosterone naturally