Increased levels of testosterone

In the brain the level of extracellular dopamine is modulated by two mechanisms: phasic and tonic transmission . [27] Phasic dopamine release, like most neurotransmitter release in the nervous system, is driven directly by action potentials in the dopamine-containing cells. [27] Tonic dopamine transmission occurs when small amounts of dopamine are released without being preceded by presynaptic action potentials. [27] Tonic transmission is regulated by a variety of factors, including the activity of other neurons and neurotransmitter reuptake. [27]

Ideal diet for hepatitis and liver disease is:
• Green vegetables boiled or steamed.
• Whole grains.
• Plenty on fluid intake which may include fresh juice, soups, water, etc.
• Fresh fruits.
• Legumes, tofu, tempeh.
• Chicken, small portion of fish.
Food that should be avoided in hepatitis:
• Alcohol in any form.
• Spicy and oily food.
• Fast foods.
• Pain relieving drugs and acetaminophen; you should consult your doctor before taking any medicines as many medicines have liver toxicity.
• Avoid tea, coffee and other stimulating foods and beverages.
• Avoid sweets and pastries, cakes and cookies.
You should check your blood test for hepatitis A, hepatitis B virus.

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Increased levels of testosterone

increased levels of testosterone


increased levels of testosteroneincreased levels of testosteroneincreased levels of testosteroneincreased levels of testosteroneincreased levels of testosterone