Male hormone problems

Very helpful information about hormonal imbalance, in fact it has make it more easier to get to the bottom of my problems alongside my doctor, I’m 36years old, married with 3 children and I was just informed that I have hormonal imbalance properly at the early stage of my maturity which I also noticed and experience all the symptoms but was so ignorant of it. But thank God I know about it now and I hope is not late for me to start treating it. I’m already having alot of troubles in my marriage due to vagina dryness, libido, depression, fatigue insomnia,thyroid and what have you, so honestly I’m worried, scared and nervous .

These findings contradict the well-accepted idea of high prolactin levels being linked to men’s sexual issues. The results of this study suggest that the hormone could have a positive impact in initiating or stabilizing male sexual behavior. The study does not prove a cause-and-effect relationship between prolactin and sexual functioning. The researchers speculate that low prolactin reflects a change in the levels of signaling chemicals in the brain that are responsible for regulating sexual behavior. Also, poorer physical and mental health could be an underlying reason for low prolactin and a lower sex drive, said the researchers.

Male hormone problems

male hormone problems


male hormone problemsmale hormone problemsmale hormone problemsmale hormone problemsmale hormone problems