Medicine for low t

However, most of these symptoms of testosterone deficiency are also common in older men who have normal testosterone levels, so “low T” cannot be diagnosed based solely on symptoms. You also need testing to confirm that your testosterone is low. But the tests themselves can be unreliable and tricky to interpret, so testosterone blood levels need to be evaluated carefully, with tests on more than one day, as well as tests for levels of other hormones related to testosterone. “The workup is not that expensive,” Dr. Bhasin says. “It’s not like it costs thousands of dollars. Despite that, testosterone is being prescribed somewhat indiscriminately.”

Clomid can produce similar results , and some doctors may prescribe it "off-label" (meaning it is used to treat people with a condition other than the one the medicine was approved for) to men to treat low testosterone, said Dr. Ron Wiehle of Repros Therapeutics, the study's lead author. "Still, it seems that Clomid works inconsistently, and [some] physicians are wary of its use," Wiehle said. And no groups are pushing for its use, either. "No drug company will champion Clomid since its patent lapsed a long time ago," he said.

Medicine for low t

medicine for low t


medicine for low tmedicine for low tmedicine for low tmedicine for low tmedicine for low t