Natural medicine for low testosterone

The main cause of low level of blood platelets is the malfunctioning of bone marrow or depression in bone marrow, which is the production place of platelets. Poor life style, poor food habits, over eating, obesity, junk food, spicy food, long working hours, less sleep, drugs, alcohol, cancer, spleen problem, leukemia, AIDS, etc. halt the functioning of bone marrow. Cancer, spleen problem, leukemia, AIDS and lymphoma damage the stem cells of a person that can cause low platelets. Many medical ways have been devised to cure this problem like blood transfusion, prednisone and immunoglobulin dosages and many more drugs.

There are some risks to be aware of with testosterone therapy. The first is that men with prostate cancer should not use testosterone, because the growth of most prostate tumors is accelerated by testosterone. While there is no convincing evidence that testosterone causes prostate cancer, most men will have prostate cancer for years before it is detected. Those at high risk for prostate cancer should therefore exercise caution and weigh the pros and cons of treating low testosterone against the possible risks. Testosterone therapy can also aggravate Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) in some men.

3 years ago my blood pressure, usually low any how, dropped down to 85/50. Somewhere I found that FRESH juice of beetroot should help. INDEED. I started with twice a day ~200ml of home fresh made juice. After 5 days I noticed forts imrpovement: I was not falling asleep on my office desk. After a month I was OK to make long trip (1000 km drive). In the 2nd month I limited the juice to once a day a glass of ~200 ml. Later was on half a glas and than twice a week.
Unfortunately when everything was OK I dropped the juice. Now my blood presure was down again so since two weeks I am checking the method on myself again and again have to say IT'S working
The juice should not be older than 24h, the best is beetween 2-5 h after making

Natural medicine for low testosterone

natural medicine for low testosterone


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