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The SD2000 is the first Simmons kit to feature advanced, tension-able SimHex mesh pads with variable attack response technology for expressive performance and nuanced playability. Each SimHex drum is fully adjustable to personal playing positions, thanks to Simmons’ new Spherical Isolation Mounting System (SIMS), which helps to eliminate crosstalk. The SD2000’s triple-zone (center and two rim zones) SimHex mesh snare allows even more creative triggering options, while the low-profile rubber pad rims provide a superior, natural playing angle. The kit comes with Simmons’ HEXX Rack, a strong and durable anodized aluminum rack with die-cast mounts.

These players have publicly acknowledged either having been diagnosed with likely CTE or having suffered symptoms, such as dementia or unusual memory loss, consistent with CTE. In some cases, the player has received a diagnosis of ALS but symptoms are consistent with CTE. There are at least two dozen former players who were diagnosed as part of a UCLA study but have not come forward publicly. [1] There are also around 4,500 former players who joined a class action suit against the NFL alleging that it had covered up a growing body of medical evidence about the preponderance of head-trauma related CTE in ex-NFL players. [45]

Simmons eq profile

simmons eq profile


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