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While there isn’t a requirement or recommended amount of inulin you should aim for every day, consuming it regularly can contribute to your daily fiber intake. People around the world are believed to consume inulin every single day in the form of natural plant foods and some packaged products. Archaeological evidence from the Chihuahuan Desert near New Mexico suggests that ancient populations living in this region who ate plant-based diets probably consumed about 135 grams of prebiotic inulin-type fructans every single day! ( 9 )

Creatures that thrive in extreme environments such as the hadal zone are called extremophiles . These creatures can withstand very low temperatures, high pressures, and can survive with little or no oxygen. Studying these extraordinary animals can lend great insights to scientists, indicating how life might persist in space where no oxygen is present. Microorganisms such as Pyrococcus CH1 have been found in deep sea vents, gifting scientists with an idea of the type of life that could exist on planets such as Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

Surprising fact

surprising fact


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