Test e and eq cutting cycle

Considering the lack of weight on the nose, we expected a bit more nimbleness than this Mustang offered. It stops authoritatively and allows aggressive corner entry. Exits are fun, too; the car digs out of corners with a nice amount of stability. But mid-corner behavior is disappointing — the car’s attitude feels somewhat soft and soggy, offering a mild understeer that’s difficult to adjust. Where the GT likes being adjusted with the throttle — the instant-on V-8 torque allows you to counter the chassis’ tendency to push — the turbo doesn’t allow this option.

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I’ve done some unbecomming things too.
Just today, a church had scheduled our singing group to come to their 175 Anniversary service. We were scheduled to sing after their AM service downstairs as the congregation was eating. After we finished setting up and doing a soundcheck, I started playing some background music, then I eventually went to the men’s room.
While I was gone, a song that was louder than the others started playing… just as the pastor started praying.
We use Emcee Pro for our soundtracks, and Windows Media Player was the program playing the background music. When somone tried to stop the music with the “Esc” button, like you do in Emcee Pro, it didn’t work. So she just muted the channel.
If I had been there….. but I wasn’t.
Do you want to say “Tisk tisk ” back to me?

Test e and eq cutting cycle

test e and eq cutting cycle


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