What is your testosterone level

All steroid hormones are derived from cholesterol. Contrary to popular belief, “steroid hormone” does not equate with “anabolic hormone”. Not only testosterone but estrogen and progesterone are steroid hormones derived from cholesterol. And most cholesterol in your body is produced by your liver, not from your diet. I know of no controlled studies showing that eating steaks increases testosterone levels. OTOH dietary cholesterol is no longer considered to be the great evil it used to be seen as, so go ahead and eat whole eggs if you like them. The theory that eating red meat makes you more of a man is promoted by people who just happen to like red meat. (There’s nothing wrong with liking red meat, just don’t pretend it has magical powers that it doesn’t have.)

Testosterone affects the function of many organs in the body. In the brain, it influences sex drive, male aggression, mood and thinking. Testosterone can improve verbal memory and visual-spatial skills. It has also been shown to decrease fatigue and depression in men with low levels. It is responsible for muscle strength and growth, and stimulates stem cells and blood cells in bones and kidneys. Penile growth, erections, sperm production, and pro-static growth and function all depend on testosterone. It also causes body hair growth, balding and drives beard growth, thus, testosterone makes us who we are and influences how we look.

What is your testosterone level

what is your testosterone level


what is your testosterone levelwhat is your testosterone levelwhat is your testosterone levelwhat is your testosterone levelwhat is your testosterone level